Toronto Fundraising Cruises

Fundraising event cruises are a great way to cultivate support and attract funds from new and existing donors and sponsors. You can raise funds for a non-profit charity, a particular cause, or to help with administrative or operational costs.

Fundraiser Challenge

The challenge to many fundraisers is getting donors and sponsors to commit their time and funds to your event.

Why Will People Want to Attend?

To make your event worthwhile, you must a sufficient number of paying attendees and donations.

People’s time is at a premium. There is a lot of competition out there for people’s time and moeny. Why would they want to spend their precious money and spare time at your event?


Jubilee Queen Cruises offers a unique experience and value proposition to your attendees. Your attendees get your choice of meal sit-down served gourmet meal prepared by our on-board executive chef or optional buffet, a tour of the Toronto waterfront with a great view where they can bring their significant other, dinner music, DJ entertainment, and option of a narrated tour including some history of Toronto landmarks and points of interest.

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